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The ThermoPact MouthShield is the brainchild of a dentist and football coach who teamed up to develop an athletic mouthguard to protect athletes in two critical ways: preventing impact-related mouth injuries and serving as an early warning indicator of heat- related trauma. Dr. George Garbis and Viron Wildy partnered with a range of experts—including a ballistics company and an experienced medical equipment engineer—to research, design, test and produce a uniquely effective MouthShield that will draw attention to the dangers of heat-related injuries while protecting teeth and jaws.


ThermoPact MouthShield’s unique triple-layer design and patent- pending foam insert absorbs more impact energy than the leading over-the-counter, boil-and-bite mouthguard, providing extra protection for teeth and jaws. The mouthguard also features patent-pending Thermo-Technology material, which changes color when an athlete’s oral temperature reaches dangerous levels. This unique feature will enable coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes to head off and hopefully avoid heat-related dangers.



Garbis was inspired to think more seriously about mouthguard design when one of his sons played football for one of the top high school programs in Greater Baltimore. Around that time, a University of Maryland offensive lineman died after overheating during a summer team workout, joining a list of at least 30 college football players who died from heatstroke between 2000 and 2018, according to the American Council on Health and Science.


In his career as a high school coach and certified speed and movement specialist, Wildy had witnessed the devastating injuries that could occur on the field, including those that were heat-related. They set out to answer one simple question: Why isn’t there an easier and more effective way to tell when someone is overheating?


protects teeth + detects heat

The result is ThermoPact MouthShield. Damaging jaw and facial impacts, and heat-related injuries, can be reduced. ThermoPact was launched to educate coaches, parents and athletes about the real dangers of these sports injuries—and to deliver an affordable, innovative solution.

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