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 - 1 microwave oven

 - 1 medium size microwave-safe bowl (for hot water)

 - 1 medium size bowl filled with cold water

 - 1 spoon




Microwave 2 cups of water for 4 minutes in a medium sized, microwave-safe bowl.


Take bowl out of microwave. Use the handle on the GuardGuide to place the MouthShield into the hot water with the red side down for 3 minutes. 


Remove the MouthShield from the hot water with a spoon and dip it into the cold water, then quickly place it into your mouth, lining up center of teeth with the center of the MouthShield. Bite down firmly into the MouthShield being careful not to bite through. Using your fingers, mold the MouthShield around your upper teeth. Press firmly up and around the gums and teeth for an intimate, close fit. Close your mouth and continue to bite down for 2 minutes.


Using the GuardGuide handle, remove the MouthShield from your mouth and place it into the cold water for 1 minute. Remove from cold water. Once the MouthShield has reached room temperature, gently remove the GuardGuide while being careful not to break the strap hole.

If desired, you can now add the strap included in your packaging.



You are now ready to use your ThermoPact MouthShield.


Do not microwave or cut Thermopact MouthShield

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